Purposefully Exist

Purposeful existence is living a life of deep meaning. Living each day with intention. Identifying your values and beliefs. Choosing deliberately the people, companies, and causes that you support. Leaving a legacy for the ones you love. Chasing your passions instead of a dollar. Running full speed after the desires of your heart. Being unapologetically authentic. Spending your resources: time, money, and energy on people and causes that align with your values and beliefs. 
Living a purposeful existence means you embrace life with vigor and tenacity, dreaming of better tomorrows. Finding adventure, even if only in your back yard and even if only for five minutes. Creating a better world. Embracing differences of others. Contributing beyond yourself and seeking growth opportunities that stretch you. Living a grateful life. 
Living a purposeful existence means living with no regrets. Harmonizing the good with the bad. Experiencing emotions fully. Appreciating learning lessons. Forgiving the ones who have wronged you, and forgiving yourself. Praying and meditating. Listening to your body and nourishing it properly. Moving your body in ways that bring you joy.
Living a purposeful existence means being aware of the world you live in. Protecting our planet and its inhabitants, empathizing with all beings. Experiencing the awe of the intricate world we live in.
Today and everyday I hope that you exist purposefully. I hope that you make small, but intentional choices that will compound into the life you’ve always wanted. And more than anything, I hope you find contentment in who you are and the life you are choosing to live. 

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